HEEL PAIN Is Not Alike

 by David J. Sables, D.P.M., C.Ped* 

Heel pain is an extremely common and potentially disruptive affliction that has many possible causes.  Most of the time it is plantar fasciitis but other possibilities can include stress fractures, arthritis, nerve irritation, cysts, bursitis, tendonitis, skin and fat pad problems, and very rarely, bone spurs.

You may be prone to developing these painful condition if the mechanics of your feet are not ideal, such as flat feet or excessively high arches, or if you have poor alignment in your feet that causes you to walk on the inner or outer edges of your feet.

Another good indication to know if you are prone to this pain is if you have callouses on your feet.  Especially the big toe or big toe joint area.  People with callouses here have poor mechanical motion of the foot which can lead to heel pain as well as a plethora of other problems.

In order to effectively treat heel pain in a timely manner, one must be able to distinguish what the pain is.  If it is not truly plantar fasciitis, then you may be wasting a lot of your time with the usual stretching, icing, etc..

Heel pain can be very painful and frustrating to get rid of.  There are a lot of so called Clinically Proven remedies out there so be cautious.  It is best to have a foot specialist examine and identify what the pain is and what is causing it so you can streamline your treatment and get out of pain fast.

At ArchMasters, you can receive a complimentary consultation to determine what exactly is needed for your expedient recovery.

*Board Certified in Foot & Ankle Orthopedics, Board Certified in Foot Surgery, Board Certified Pedorthist