Midfoot Arthritis needs special orthotic attention before surgery is anticipated.

Midfoot Arthritis needs special orthotic attention before surgery is anticipated.
Midfoot arthritis can be a very painful debilitating condition.  It can be satisfactorily treated with conservative means but sometimes surgery is required.
Even if you undergo surgery, it is imperative that your foot be supported in an ideal alignment with a functional orthotic, not just an accommodative soft orthotic.  This will limit further damage to other joints that have to make up for the now fused joints.
Many times the initial reason for the arthritis is a misaligned foot.  When you walk, the midfoot joints are jamming together causing excess wear and tear.  They can break down with significant arthritic changes.  A maximally controlling orthotic will limit the jamming forces resulting in reduced pain, sometimes eliminating it altogether.  If you have already tried an orthotic and it is not helping to reduce the pain enough, there is still help for you as orthotics are not alike.
In most cases where an orthotic has failed I find there is not enough support or contact with the foot.  Usually, it is because when a total contact triplane controlling orthotic is made, the type I usually fabricate, is fabricated very specifically to the pathology and function of your feet.  Some areas of the orthotic need to be hard and some areas soft.   I have helped many patients avoid surgery and to walk and function with significant improvement.  I can usually even give them a money back satisfaction guarantee. 
You can visit our new website at archmasterstn.com and make an appointment to see Brentwood’s podiatric surgeon who specializes in surgical prevention, Dr. Sables.  Also, onsite fabrication can provide you with a truly custom orthotic in as little as one day.