Suffering with Pain? We just returned from the WSM 5k Run/Walk last Saturday

Suffering with Pain? We just returned from the WSM 5k Run/Walk last Saturday…Congratulations to all who participated.  Many said they had a “Good One.”… We spoke to many people suffering with many problems.  Most cases, I believe are mechanically induced, and such can be treated with proper alignment of their biomechanics.  Remember, we are like a walking robot with many moving parts.  If something is out of alignment, it will induce abnormal compression, tension and shearing forces contributing to many conditions…Pain is your red light warning signal…find out why it is happening and treat the cause, not just the symptom. ..Some of the problems we discussed with people are:
  • Numb toes that feel dragging and were told they have nerve damage…a possibility is tarsal tunnel syndrome as they have bunions, etc. that are signs of imbalanced feet.
  • Pain in one calf…a blood clot needs to be ruled out, if negative, probably a type of “Shin Splints”. Proper alignment will reduce the tension causing such.
  • A 10 year old child who plays basketball resulting in repeated heel pain…probably calcaneal apophysitis. Again mechanically induced.
  • Morton’s Neuroma unresponsive to shots…surgery was recommended but I say most likely is not needed. I have neuromas in my feet and as long as my feet are balanced out, I have no pain. 
  • Of course, plantar fasciitis… guess what?   Mechanically induced!  Physical therapy, ideal shoes, etc. are nice but shoes cannot be a true control fit unless custom molded.
  • I was told… “No such thing as a comfort shoe”…Yes there are…seeking comfort via just a shoe, especially if your feet are misaligned, you need more than comfort shoe treatment.
  • Mal odorous, stinky feet… We have a product that has “Saved my Marriage.”
  • Sensitive toes… We have seamless socks.
  • Sweaty feet…We have socks that wick moisture, also some made with mohair that feel great.