Choosing Active Footwear Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

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Shoes are an important aspect of your everyday life. Sure, you want footwear to look nice, but the most important characteristics are function and support to ultimately keep your feet healthy. When it comes to athletics or exercise, the adage “No Pain NoGain” does not have to be true of your feet! Not to mention pain caused to areas of your body affected by the mechanics of your feet.

Appropriate shoes vary for every sport you play or type of exercise you perform. Each physical activity is played on a variety of surfaces and workout the muscles in different ways. Your shoes need to be able to give you support, stability, and balance, while providing comfort. When your feet are ideally fit and aligned, they provide maximum muscular function, natural shock absorption as well as increased propulsion or power, which gives you and a competitive edge.
Experiencing pain due to physical activity? Follow these tips:

· Designate different shoes for each activity. Each sport requires a specific shoe like tennis shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes, etc. Sports like football, baseball, golf, and soccer need specific cleats that differ from one sport to the next. When determining the activity you are going to be involvedin, take care to also match it with the correct shoe for your unique foot.
· Find an ideal fit. Knowing your ideal fit will yield ideal function. Wearing shoes too big or too small can result in a number of different painful foot conditions. Ideal fit is not just a thumb width at the end of your toe.
· Remember: No two feet are perfectly symmetrical yet the pair of shoes purchased “off the shelf” is. Misalignment of the shoe can lead to abnormal joint stress, and requires someone who is thoroughly knowledgeable in fitting the foot, not just fitting the shoe.
· The ideal fit also encompasses the collar of the shoe. In tennis for example, the side to side motion will have the collar of the shoe padded and cut lower than a normal running shoe.
· Try on shoes with the socks you will be wearing for your physical activity. This is very important in sizing the ideal fit.
· Gait problems, remember there is no “one size fits all” solution to foot and gait related problems. Relying on shoes and/or an over the counter insert to control your gait is like wearing a pair of over the counter glasses to see 20/20.
· Most importantly, pain or problems with standing, walking or running is not normal and we can help.
· Just call or stop by ArchMasters today where you will find that we will take thetime to listen and guide you toward “Functional Comfort with Style!”

ArchMasters: Orthotics, Shoes &Footcare, llc. Our trained staff will be happy to help you find appropriate footwear for all your physical activities. If you have any questions, or desire additional information, contact the store at (615) 370-3000.


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