5 Easy Steps of Health and Hygiene

Wash your feet and don’t spare the bubbles!
You wash your face when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. You shower every morning making sure to shampoo your hair and wash your body. You brush your teeth at least twice a day and wash your hands every time you use the restroom. You are clean and work to stay hygienic every day to maintain your overall health, but do you have a personal care routine for your feet? Using good hygiene for your feet is very important to your overall health. Improper care can lead to many different painful foot conditions and infections that can spread to the rest of your body.
In order to take the best care of your feet, follow our helpful tips.  They include:
  1. Make some bubbles. Washing your feet with soap and water should be part of your daily routine. Make sure to scrub your feet softly, but thoroughly.  By thoroughly, we mean including scrubbing BETWEEN your toes.  This area is easily missed by most, leading to buildup of dirt, debri and decay resulting in yeast and other infections.  Finally, remember to dry your feet with a clean towel, especially between each individual toe.
  2. Reduce the smell. Sweaty feet are not only unpleasantly odorous, but they can also be harmful. Over-sweating can provide a nice home for fungal infections to grow on your feet and toenails. To reduce sweat, other than using antifungal sprays and medicated powders on your feet, socks and shoes, use socks that wick away moisture.  Also, avoid excessive caffeine intake which stimulates your sweat glands.  The product, On Your Toes, we have been told “Saved my marriage” It not only eliminates odor, but it also reduces perspiration.  In severe cases, prescription medicated pads are necessary.
  3. Get out the detergent. Don’t forget to wash your socks after every wear. You should also occasionally wash your shoes, if they are washable.  But make sure socks and shoes have dried completely before you put them on.
  4. Trim your toenails.  Some say to trim your nails weekly but it really depends on how fast they grow.  As a general rule, don’t let them grow longer than an eighth inch.  Remember, the longer they are, the more surface area for dirt and debri to hide.  Cutting straight across also depends on the shape of the nail plate.  Don’t let a corner have a sharp edge that can dig in the “Quick.”
  5. Wear your shoes. It sounds simple, but it’s so important especially in public places! Environments that are moist and warm like pools, gyms and locker room are just waiting to infest your feet with a fungal infection or even a wart (Viral). So make sure to always wear your own protective footwear and to avoid transferring infection, don’t swap shoes with friends. 

Good hygiene is an extremely important aspect in maintaining the health of your feet. At ArchMasters–Orthotics,Shoes & Footcare, llc. we can help provide you with products from shoes and socks to odor removers.  If you have any questions about the health of your feet and helpful hygienic products stop by our facility today or call (615) 370-3000.  


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