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If you are a serious runner you know how important it is to wear shoes that are specific to the sport of running. BrooksSport, Inc. is one of our supported brands for running shoes. Brooks Sport, Inc. produces quality shoes for the optimal functionality of both men and women. Their shoes are specifically tailored to the sport of running, which will keep your foot’s health up to par with such a demanding activity. If you are a walker, they also carry walking shoes as well.
The motion of your feet and legs can affect the health of your entire body. Many serious and complicated conditions start in your feet and that’s why it is so important to obtain proper alignment and care of the foundation of your body.  Dr. Sables along with Brooks shoes strive to keep you running while maintaining the health of your feet and your entire musculoskeletal system.
Brooks Sport, Inc. is a chosen brand by the ArchMasters owner, Dr. David Sables. Dr. Sables is a Podiatrist who specializes in lower extremity biomechanics.  He has been practicing foot medicine and surgery for over twenty-five years. He is passionate about addressing the causes of pathological pains.   He personally approves of the Brooks Sport, Inc. brand because along with his examination, he can match up the ideal Brooks style with your specific needs.  Obtaining the ideal fit and style is paramount in running shoes to help promote great running techniques and maintain healthy muscles and joints.
Brooks Sport, Inc. prides itself on making shoes for runners, by runners. The company is comprised of actual runners who understand the aches and pains that running can cause for your feet. Brooks Sport, Inc. creates footwear that is biomechanically designed for runners. Their shoes should bring your feet greater comfort and help prevent injuries. They are also intended to create a pleasurable run for all wearers. Every stride you take in Brooks shoes should be healthy and keep your feet happy. They are specific to your needs not just in shoe size, but comfort and cushioning as well.
ArchMasters chooses to support Brooks Sport, Inc. shoes as our number one athletic brand.  Not only for their quality and attention to detail, but also because they offer neutral, mild, moderate to maximum motion control, support and guidance.  Along with a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sables, it can be determined what your needs are for optimal functionality. Brooks shoes help create the perfect combination of style and health.
Stop in at ArchMasters-Orthotics, Shoes & Footcare, llc. and our trained staff will find the best shoe to fit your personal needs.
If you have any questions or concerns about the health of your feet, contact our store at (615) 370-3000 and ask to make an appointment with owner and podiatrist, Dr. David Sables.

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