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When purchasing shoes, you think about size, comfort, and functionality, which are all very important aspects of footwear. Yet for some reason, so often you neglect your feet when it comes to socks. These three aspects of healthy footwear are just as essential when purchasing socks.
Fortunately, ArchMasters–Orthotics,Shoes & Footcare, llc. has done the research for you avid walkers and runners and we are proud to promote Thorlossocks.  Thorlos is a brand that does not fall back on a ‘one size fits all’ and combines efforts of comfort and functionality.
Thorlos socks are engineered for proper foot protection for devoted walkers and runners.  One of the most comfortable and healthy athletic socks for your feet are Thorlos. They are made to aid in the protection of your feet from the striking pressures involved when running. If you are a runner you know the extreme pressure running puts on your feet. This continuous pressure can cause many different painful injuries.
Over time walking and running can lead to the decrease, or even complete loss of, natural padding in your feet, which is caused by the pressure put on your feet by hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Yet these are some of the most common surfaces to walk or run on. The loss of padding in the feet becomes worse when wearing non-protecting shoes and socks or the incorrect size of either. Thorlos socks are designed to protect and maintain that padding. They cushion the blow of running and walking by giving your feet a softer strike. The unique fabric design of Thorlos socks even help feet that have already lost partial padding. Thorlos socks will compensate for any damage to padding, by giving the foot a new cushion to relieve pressure for every step.
Thorlos socks will aid in keeping your feet comfortable and healthy whether you are walking or running. Stop into your favorite foot facility, ArchMasters–Orthotics, Shoes & Footcare, llc. to pick out the optimal walking and running socks for your feet – Thorlos. Our team can help you to find the ideal size of Thorlos socks for all of your personal needs. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a trained podiatrist, Dr. David Sables, stop in today or call our facilityat (615) 370-3000.

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