ara Shoes – A Shoe That Helps Match Fashion & Comfort

ara shoes are a new brand that we now carry here at ArchMasters. They really exemplify a good combination of comfort and style. They have several unique features that I like.
  • HOT, WET FEET?  No problem with 360° cool – ara helps keep feet dry in many weather conditions.  They have upper insulation properties that combine with a vented outsole that helps with moisture management.
  • HEEL OR BALL PAIN?  No problem with Technogel® – This is a weight absorbing gel that helps absorb the body weight loads (shock absorbing) thus aiding distribution of forces three-dimensionally over a large area.  It also contains a “Memory” effect, the gel always returns to its original state when the load is removed.  This pressure-relieving effect will occur every time.  It is even breathable and has been tested by an independent institute of the shoe and textile industry.
  • NEED SUPPORT?   Experience Comfort Flex –They have an insole support dynamically designed to aid support of the foot and protect the heel, legs and spinal joints from strain. However, ArchMasters can replace this with a custom insole that will ideally match your foot function needs.  The shoe has a soft walking sole that provides ara-Flex shoes with a good energy-returning bounce allowing extra comfort when walking and standing.  It even has a non-slip flex sole to help with maximum grip even on wet surfaces.  The soles are flexible yet have a sturdy finish attached with the uppers complete with a stylish design.
  • NEED ROOM FOR YOUR TOES/BUNIONS?  Experience Comfort Stretch – Special sewn in stretch material on construction at the toe and ball area allows the stretch material to expand and conform to the shape of the foot without gapping.
  • HATE HEAVY SHOES?   They’re Ultra-light–Really! – If you have trouble with shoes that feel too heavy, you’ll be delighted with these.  It is amazingly light with their XXL ultra-light EVA outsole. This and all the other materials including the lining and special care taken helped to keep the overall weight to a minimum.  They’re ideal for walking and traveling, too. 
Stopby ArchMasters TODAY and feel an enjoyable walk in ara. 
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