Originally, the word “custom orthotic” meant a foot support fabricated from a mold of your feet along with a prescription for correction in the alignment of your feet.  However, the word “Custom” has become abused and misleading as your political opponent.  You now see and hear “Custom” fit, made, molded, etc. yet it is really not the original “Custom” definition.  Just because it says “Custom” does not mean it is made specifically to your feet.
The TRUE custom orthotic is made from a model of your foot, which captures EVERY shape, position and contour of your foot.  The model is then enhanced with grooves, wedges, bulges, etc. to form the prescriptive mold of your orthotic.  Then, specific materials are selected to form your orthotic to the contour of the positive model of your feet.  They then are fitted to your shoes.  Yes, still the shoe shape will even affect the function of the orthotic so the shoe in which the custom orthotic will be inserted needs to be considered as well.  Furthermore, the anatomy of an orthotic needs to be taken into consideration as they vary from the material selection, the heel cup depth, the wall height, the length, the multiple arches within, whether the arches are preserved, enhanced or not, the top cover selection and additional padding are all essential in the prescription. Every individual is just that, some require soft, some firm and some in-between.
As you can see, Orthotics are very complex.  From the simple premade to the truly custom molded, casted, prescriptive types.  From the position your foot is captured to the fabrication of your model, to corrections, to material selection, to the fit to the shoe – all of it is essential to obtain the desired outcome – pain-free, functional, and preventive.   
At ArchMasters, our top-of-the-line custom orthotic is fabricated from a positive model of your foot taken from a mold holding your foot in a very specific position.  This model is then modified according to what Dr. Sables feels is needed.  The orthotic is then fabricated to that model of your feet utilizing a variety of materials from hard to soft depending on your needs.   This is then fitted to your shoes. We can fabricate orthotics for athletic shoes, sandals, dress, and even boots and high heeled pumps.  We even try to fabricate the pair so you can utilize them in as many shoes as possible. We truly bring the floor up to the foot in a 3 dimensional position so that your feet do not deform to the floor.  This has allowed us to achieve exceptional success in helping others.  
Don’t just keep trying different types of orthotics.  See ArchMasters for guaranteed satisfaction. 
Note the picture of an actual patient who tried several types of orthotics, one common thing I saw in them, they all did not bring the floor up to the foot.  Therefore, her feet deformed not to the floor, but to the orthotic and this caused the feet to form in another abnormal position thus continuing her pain.
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