Foot Pain Gets in the Way of Exercise

A recent study by the APMA indicated that 72% of people don’t exercise because their feet are hurting.  If you are one of these people, get help.  At ArchMasters, our multi-board certified podiatric doctor and surgeon, Dr. David Sables will provide a thorough consultation to help you determine the best treatment and footwear needed for your specific condition.
As previously discussed, orthotics are not alike, and neither are shoes.  Although you may have heard of multiple solutions to your foot condition, you deserve the best and most treatment options to walk and lead an active life – pain free.  Including an exercise regimen.
We hear it everyday.  Patients who have been suffering for too long with foot pain.  Plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, neuromas, arthritis – most of these and more foot conditions are caused by faulty biomechanics, or motions of your feet, that affect not only your feet, but also your knees, legs, all the way up to your back.  Continuing to suffer with pain and thus not exercise is really affecting your life span.  We all need to exercise; it not only helps our strength and stamina but it also affects other health conditions such as digestive system, hypertension, diabetes, etc.
So, stop by ArchMasters-Orthotics, Shoes and Footcare, llc today.  A shoe store and a whole lot more.
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