Orthaheel Orthotics

We may have been born shoeless, but most of us in modern society do continually walk on hard flat surfaces and must wear shoe gear.  Our feet will adapt to many surfaces such as dirt, sand, and grass, but they can only adapt to whatever surface they are on.  For most of us, that is a flat surface.  Our feet when placed on a flat surface and a load (your body weight) applied will most likely cause your feet to over pronate.  This is essentially deforming your feet, definitely not an adaption in a good way. 
Over time, this adaption leads to a wide range of foot, leg, and hip symptoms that all stem from the same basic problem – excess pronation.   This is what many of the comfort shoe companies and foot orthotic companies are trying to reduce. 
One company who has been successful in helping many people with shoes that have an orthotic foot bed is OrthaHeel.
Orthaheel has now designed removeable inserts or foot orthotics with a footbed to help correct the excessive pronation problem. They also have several types because they understand different activities and shoes require different motion alignment corrections.
The three types we carry are:
  • Orthaheel “Active” Orthotic insole.  This provides, as it implies, increased motion control for an active fast-paced activity such as running and fast walking. 
  • Orthaheel “Relief” orthotic insole.  This is for general everyday use that provides moderate control and support.  It fits athletic, work, or hiking shoes/boots.
  • “Extended Slimfit” orthotic insole.  A good choice for women’s casual and dress footwear obviously due to its slim line fit.  Yet it still provides improved support and function over a standard insole.
  • Each line will have varying features that affect function, cushion, and motion control, which all that contribute to comfort. 
Discussed in a previous blog, the orthotic needs to work with the shoe to provide optimum function that yields comfort.  The orthotics will have varying degrees of wedging, posting, cushion, and arch support that affects comfort.  Just like a custom orthotic, all the different features will also affect function in different ways, thus yielding variable  results.
ArchMasters has been able to help many individuals with Orthaheel products.  However, it is imperative to be fitted not only to size but the correct style or orthotic for your feet.  Just like all over the counter premade devices, if it is not in the ideal direction of correction your feet need, then it won’t help you and may even cause further damage. 
During the recent woman’s show, a woman said she just bought one and wore it all day and said that was a mistake, she needed to break into it.  Maybe so or maybe not.  Her feet may need to adjust to the correction they need OR it is simply not the correction she needed and it will continue to cause her pain. 
Without the advice of a professional who can determine your foot type and unique needs, and the ideal sizing, it’s basically a gamble!  Stop gambling and walk away from pain – fast.  Stop byArchMasters today. A shoe store and a whole lot more.
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