Fall Prevention Help

The first fall prevention ankle foot orthotic (AFO) originally designed by a physician is available for you.  It is classified as an AFO but it is extremely lightweight, about the weight of a cell phone.  A more precise definition of the device is a “Foot and Ankle Support” with balance technology.  This device easily fits inside the shoes and helps stabilize the foot, ankle and leg which are considered one of the three main areas of the body for controlling falls in patients who suffer from instability.  
Answer these simple questions to determine if you would benefit from this fall prevention device:
Do you have a balance problem?
Have you fallen in the past?
Do you often slip, trip or have near falls?
Do you stumble or shuffle when you walk?
Do you have to touch or hold on to the wall or furniture while walking?
Do your legs or ankles feel weak or unsteady?
If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, the fall prevention device is the solution you’ve been looking for.
At ArchMasters- Orthotics, Shoes & Footcare, you can consult with Dr. Sables to help determine your needs.  If it is determined you would benefit from this device, an appropriate mold of your foot/ankle/leg will be obtained.  From this mold, the fall prevention device will be fabricated. 
Your fall prevention device will have three important features that make it important and unique:
·      It is very lightweight. They are not much heavier than a cell phone. This is critical to improve balance. It is all about making it easy for you.  It will be designed to easily fit into a variety of different shoes. Because it is so light weight and has a sleek design, it is easy to wear.
·      These devices ARE covered by Medicare. The rationale is that they would much rather PREVENT the falls from happening in the first place rather than pay for thousands of dollars in hospital stays.
·      These devices can (and have been shown in studies) to be able to reduce the risk of falling up to 30%-60%. Despite this, if they improve balance enough to prevent a SINGLE fall, they are worth it.
One should understand that even though we can help with balancing the foot/ankle/leg, it is also important to accompany the device with physical therapy or some sort of exercise regimen to further improve balance and stability.
Oh yes, these do fit into shoes and we can help you find the ideal one.
Stop byArchMasters today and find help in preventing those debilitating injuries endured with falls.
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