Improve Your Foot Orthotic Therapy Success

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Patience, trust and understanding are the key ingredients for achieving the maximum success with orthotics.
As orthotic treatment is not an exact science, no one fabricator or product is 100% successful. Choosing a fabricator with a vast amount of education, experience and knowledge provides better odds for achieving the optimal result.
Like the song by Rod Stewart, “If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now,” life would be completely changed.  The same applies to orthotic treatment.  Just like finding the “Right” shoe, finding the “Right” orthotic is unfortunately not an exact science. Its success may take patience and applying learned knowledge to an already experienced response. 
Footorthotics for instance are generally classified as accommodative and functional.  However, there is a wide variance between these two simple classes. Some feet may be similar in shape and function, but there is always going to be something different within our entire musculoskeletal structure that may create a different response.   Furthermore, our neurologic reactions may differ as well.   As previously discussed, two pairs of orthotics made with the same materials are not exactly alike.  There are many variable factors such as the shoe type, shoe size, the orthotic shape, material and size, etc. that may affect how the body will respond.  Each of us may respond differently to two identically made pairs of orthotics.
Thus, one needs to accept that there is some trial and error in reaching their orthotic treatment success.  Simply giving up and saying “The Orthotic Didn’t Work” will often lead to more frustration because the experience and knowledge gained will be for naught.   Most likely, they will go and just try another product and another and another, etc.  With so many products available, this can be a long road of frustration and expense playing this “Roll of the Dice” approach.
Give yourself a better chance of success by having understanding and patience to learn how your feet responded, make adjustments and continue the trial and error.  You will eventually reach success because “you know now what you didn’t know then”.  This even applies to shoes, as most runners know.
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