“Sensitive Feet,” Neuropathy…This Orthotic may be for you

Vasyli-Armstrong Orthotic
For years, diabetics and others who suffer from ulcerations on the bottom of their feet were having difficulty getting the ulcer to heal.  It would not heal because of pressure on the ulcer.  Pressure causes the tissue about the area to suffer from a loss of blood oxygen and nutrients.   Later, foot orthotics were prescribed for those sufferers to have them “Off Load” the ulcer.  The offloading removes the load or pressure and thus the ulcer would be able to better heal.  However, there was still a problem.  Some of the ulcers would still not heal. 
Now we know why.  Not only is there pressure to the ulcer preventing it from healing, but also “Shearing” forces.   These shearing forces cause side to side pressure and friction which essentially tears the delicate tissue that is trying to heal.  So not only does an ulcer on the bottom of the foot need to be Off loaded, it also needs to have the shearing or friction forces removed.   
Problem: how do you reduce the shearing pressures? The New and Improved Vasyli-Armstrong Orthotic.  This special orthotic was designed to minimize these shearing forces as well as assist in redistributing the plantar pressures.
How did they do this?  They utilized some of the materials used to off load the foot and placed a Teflon type of material between the top layer of the orthotic and the middle and bottom layers.  Thus, as one walks, the shearing forces on the foot are reduced.  It does this by preventing the top cover of the orthotic from rubbing or shearing on the bottom of the foot.  Rather, with the Teflon, the top cover moves with the foot and both slide on the Teflon during normal forward/back and side to side motions of the foot.
This New Vasyli-Armstrong shear reducing orthotic features this technology which is a patented Glidesoft technology.   This unique combination of construction and materials has been scientifically shown to reduce shear pressures by over 50% and the onset of plantar ulcers by over 70%, compared to conventional diabetic insoles.  It is now considered the “Sensitive Feet” orthotic as it is suitable for those patients that suffer from plantar sensitivity-loss of plantar fat pad, arthritis, blistering and peripheral neuropathy.  The Unique Material Attributes include:
1.     Antimicrobial top cover
2.     Plastazote layer
(heat moldable and 100% plantar surface contact)
3.     Shock absorbing layer
4.     Teflon® layer
  1. EVA base layer (heat moldable)
Although it is a premade orthotic, it can be heat molded to the feet to make it a more custom type of orthoses.   At ArchMasters, we have even taken it a step further by incorporating this device on top of a custom molded prescription orthotic base.  That is, it is molded with additional supportive materials to a prescription corrected model of the foot which gives a complete three dimensional arch contact from the foot all the way to the supporting surface.  This maintains the foot in an optimal functioning position even for severe Charcot deformed feet allowing the patient to wear it in a “Normal” shoe, preventing the need for custom molded shoes.
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