Finn Comfort Shoes – Support, Balance and Comfort with Style!

All too frequently I hear people say they want a walking shoe that “doesn’t look orthopedic” or “doesn’t look athletic.” They want a pair they can wear to work, church, or even out to dinner.  They’re looking for a shoe that they can take on a sightseeing trip or vacation which requires a lot of walking. I’m here to say that these shoes DO exist.  One of our most sought after is the Finn Comfort shoes. 
ArchMasters has chosen to provide Finn Comfort shoes to our clients/patients for a variety of reasons.   Besides the finest quality materials used and handcrafting in Bavaria, they are also specifically designed as a luxury-walking shoe for the sophisticated consumer.  Additionally, I like that they are suited for orthotics.  A well- engineered orthotic footbed is standard.  But, if you need a more specific footbed such as a prescription foot orthotic, ArchMasters can replace it with such.  
Do you have a problem with wide feet, bunions, hammertoes, edema, etc.?  The Finn Comfort Shoe can handle that.  They sport a naturally rounded shape and a no-nonsense design that reflects the natural shape of a healthy foot yet provides an unbinding fit for world-class comfort.  The quality, comfort and support offered by these shoes are fabulous.  
When you walk in a Finn Comfort shoe, you will feel uninhibited as it naturally enhances your overall health and well-being by promoting strong and vigorous health in muscles and bones while easing strain on hips, knees, and the spine.  The Finn Comfort footbed will naturally support your feet and your body, providing stability and firm yet shock-absorbing protection.
 Some of the unique features of a Finn Comfort footbed include:
  • A rich natural suede lining, Moisture absorbent, skin-friendly and organically tanned with pure vegetable dyes. Chrome and toxin free.
  • Air ventilation holes
  • Serious support for medial, lateral, and transverse (metatarsal) arches while naturally supporting the oblique peroneal longus arch and calcaneal cuboid arch.
  • Resilient and shock absorbing cork/latex base
  • Anatomically shaped heel cup
These European Comfort Shoes boast impeccable craftsmanship and timeless style.  They have European quality created with the most exquisite natural materials. As many as 150 expertly trained craftsmen meticulously work on the completion of each single pair. They are meticulously handcrafted exclusively in Germany and highly recommended by leading foot health specialists worldwide. 
Finn Comfort has several different style lines to support the varying degrees of foot needs. (This is very important to ArchMasters as we believe we need to provide the ideal shoe for the many types of feet we see.)  A couple we especially like are:
  • FinnStretch– A highly flexible elastic material that helps soothe problem feet. It is a luxuriously soft material with shock absorbing outsoles and cushioned anatomical footbed that will aid the goal of maximum comfort and pain relief.  Designed for the optimal care of diabetic, rheumatic, and arthritic feet, it will exceed the critical orthopedic requirements. FinnStretch is especially suitable for sufferers of:
o   Hallux valgus (bunion anomaly)
o   Hallux rigidus (stiff big toe joint)
o   Deformed toes
o   Swelling feet
o   Highly sensitive feet
  • Finnamic – Personal trainers for your feet. Gentle on joints, knees, discs, and spine, they help tone and strengthen muscles to make you fit for the day’s demands. Step-by-step the convex heel design helps increase stamina and strength. Some exclusive features on the Finnamic line of shoes are:
o   Extended heel counters
o   Padded topline
o   Rockered heel design
o   Extremely steady and stable mid-section
o   Rockered forefoot section
o   Elastic toe cap
o   Finest calfskin lining
o   Healthful anatomical design
They also come in sandals, clogs, closed shoes, and golf shoes.  With Finn Comfort Shoes, you will experience a natural, comfortable, stable walk with a luxury look and feel.
 Stop into ArchMasters – Orthotics , Shoes & Foot care today and experience the natural healing and walk you deserve.
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