Do you have dry, cracking skin from psoriasis? RevitaDerm 40 may help!

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RevitaDerm 40 contains aloe vera and several other healing elements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you suffer from dry, cracking, possibly thickened skin it’s important to keep it moist.  If you don’t, the skin can become so dry cracks may expose the dermis or deeper skin tissue – and that hurts.  The dermis is the layer of skin that has the nerves in it.  Exposed is like having an open blister.
Furthermore, dry cracking skin can lead to infection – both bacterial and viral.  Bacteria may cause localized redness but it can also cause an infection further up the leg, which can be even more dangerous.  For example, a simple crack between your toes can be an entrance for bacteria and result in cellulitus up your leg (red infection of the skin or under the skin on your leg).   A virus, such as a wart virus, can more easily embed in the skin and begin the development of a painful wart.  It is best to keep your skin well moisturized not only to aid the healthy appearance of the skin but also to prevent problems.
I recall an 80 something year old woman who suffered from psoriasis.  Her one leg was extremely dry all the way up to her knee.  She tried a product we carry, Rivita Derm for about a month. When I followed up with her, she waved her pointer finger at me and said, “You tell anyone who has psoriasis that I tried everything for 80 years and this is the only thing that cleared it up.” 
Can one cream help everyone?  Perhaps not, however, when it works it works!   We have been providing RevitaDerm to our patients now for years.  A big reason I like it is that you don’t always have to apply it every day.  I recommend to apply it 3 nights in a row and then maybe two to three times a week.  Some may require more, some less.  Also, it usually only requires a little dab. Even a guy like me can keep up with this type of regimen.
Moreover, if you suffer from extremely dry skin, we now provide RevitaDerm 40, a complete callus-care solution.  It contains a prescription strength concentration of Urea-40%.  Also included are Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil and Chamomile.  The urea is a substance that helps break down thickened skin.  It also comes with a natural pumice stone and brush to assist removal of thick, callused areas while gently exfoliating dead skin buildup.   Exfoliating and rehydrating is what is needed to achieve a healthy appearance and aid prevention of secondary infection, pain and possible ulcerations.  This product is also safe for diabetic skin conditions and dry cracked heels.  
If you are still suffering with dry skin, especially extreme thick cracking skin after “Trying Everything on the Market,” give RevitaDerm a try.  RevitaDerm works great in combination with RevitaDerm 40 Physician Formula Callus Remover.
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