OMG, My Feet Stink!

Get rid of your foot and shoe odor!

ArchMasters has a great solution for your stinky feet.  It is called On Your Toes. 
To prevent foot and shoe odor you must first eliminate the cause of the problem: bacteria.  Stinky feet, medically called bromhidrosis, is a result of a collection of bacteria that break down the sweat in our apocrine or sweat glands.   When this happens, the sweat can start to manifest odor. The higher the level of bacteria or sweat production, the more strong or foul-smelling the odor can be. The odor happens in part because bacterial breakdown results in fatty acids and ammonia.  Phew!!!  Know someone who can knock down a whole room of people if they remove their socks and shoes?  Heaven forbid!  I used to know someone like that until I told them about this product.
How does it work?  This product helps destroy the bacteria that cause foot-odor (Bromhidrosis) and aids in preventing re-infection.  It only requires three applications.  Simply apply after bathing at night or in the morning three times in a row.  It is helpful to also shake a capful of it in your shoes at the same time you are treating your feet.   That’s all you have to do.  It can last for up to 6 months before you need to reapply again.  One tube will treat about one pair of feet and three pairs of shoes.
The manufacturer relates On Your Toes is guaranteed to last at least six months, or you get your money back!  Also, it does not contain aluminum and is safe for children.
Personally I really like this product.  I have noticed that my feet do not perspire anywhere near as much as they used to.  Therefore, I have even recommended it for patients with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). 
When do I know it is time to reapply?  I know if my socks are moist at the end of the day, I had better apply an application for a day or two, (I’m a man and therefore, be real, I’ll probably forget to use it a third time in a row) and I am set for another 4-6 months.  If I don’t use it, I know I will get that bad odor in two weeks or so.
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