Signs of Foot Problems A Pedicurist Should Tell You About ~ Part 1

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Many times I hear people say they don’t have any foot problems.  Yet, they have large callouses.  They say it is not a problem as they “just go to a pedicurist” every month to shave it off. As mentioned in a previous blog, a callous is an indicator that you have abnormal pressure or friction. Do you know the other signs of foot problems your pedicurist should tell you about?
Here’s what you should watch out for:
1. Callouses on the side of your big toe. This is an indication that your joints are not properly aligned when they bend.  Typically, you will need orthotics.  If the orthotics are aligning your feet appropriately, this callous should significantly decrease or go away completely.
2. Ingrown toenails. The border of your nail can curve down or into the nail fold or “quick” and become very painful.  This can be treated relatively easily in one office visit by permanently removing the nail border.  Just the side of the nail that curves down is removed, not the entire nail.  If you wait or let an ingrown nail continue curving in or digging into the skin, the nail can sometimes puncture the skin and become infected.  If so, this can become very painful and dangerous should you decide to ignore it, especially if you have some type of systemic problem like diabetes.  Don’t ignore ingrown nails or treat them by repeatedly having them trimmed.
3. Thick, brittle or discolored nails. Although they may be filed and sanded, if they chronically grow back thick and brittle it may be due to a fungus.   If you are having a pedicurist grind these types of nails down, they are emitting fungus molecules in the air that can be breathed.  This is not healthy as the fungus can get in your lungs, even if a mask is worn.  Although there is not any 100% effective treatment for fungus nails, it is best to seek the help of a podiatric to determine the treatment options for you. 
Be sure to read about the final four signs in our next blog.
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