Signs of Foot Problems A Pedicurist Should Tell You About ~ Part 2

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Podiatrist examining hallux (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our last blog we listed the first three signs of foot problems a pedicurist should tell you about. Here are an additional four signs to watch for:
4. Black nails. If you have a nail that is black, have a professional check for possible malignant melanoma. It has been known to first appear in the toe nail beds.
5. Dry, peeling skin with tiny blisters between your toes. Have a professional exam your foot as this may be caused by a fungus. There are multiple effective treatments that can be provided.
6. Bright red feet. If your feet are bright red when you put your feet down into the footbath it may be an indication of vascular disease.  Although this may be a normal neurologic response for you, it’s best to a podiatrist evaluate your foot to be sure it is not something more serious.
7. Callouses  with small black dots. These are actually warts yet appear as a callous.  If they are on the bottom of the feet, a wart will usually look like crushed cauliflower thick skin.  The small black dots in it are actually blood vessels growing into the wart.  These should not be shaved off. A podiatrist should exam them and provide proper treatment.
Going to a pedicurist can be an enjoyable, soothing, and pampering experience. However, both you and your pedicurist need to be aware of the dangerous tell-tale signs of foot problems.
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