Post Season Home Grown Tomatoes, with Extra Protein.

The growing season is winding down.   Still plenty of tomatoes on the vine but take action to help them ripen without freezing.  Remove them and lay them out in a cool place and cover them with newspapers creating a dark atmosphere.   Some suggest placing them in a brown bag. However, when you simply cover them with newspaper it allows even airflow and accessibility. I like to peak at them now and then, which is advisable.  Not every one will convert to a ripened feast so be sure to get rid of any that are discoloring with fungus or whatever. 

But what do you do if there is a worm in it?  You know, the famous tomato worm in it.   Would you tell your spouse if you saw one in it?    Really, even after they started eating it?    We won’t go into knowingly prepping the tomato with it in it.  But what if SHE prepared it, unknowingly to both of you that there was a worm in it?  Really??  Here’s what happened to me.

One evening returning from work, late as usual, both Linda and I prepared our own meals. We wanted to eat different things so we were on our own. Of course hers as usual looked better than mine when we were finished prepping.  Hers even looked tastier.   Why is it that when you are so hungry you can’t figure out what to eat?  And then suddenly the other person’s food looks better.  Well I stuck to eating my own food. And luckily so.   After wolfing down my food and rinsing my plate, I noticed from the corner of my eye, something moving on the remaining half of the tomato she just cut up for her salad.  She was now indulging in the salad. Upon closer investigation, I saw something tiny, tubular and white.  And it MOVED!   Back and forth!  Oh no, a WORM!   Did I tell her?   Should I just let her get her extra protein???   See and find out.
This brings me to another thought.  Why did my wife get an infection?  No it wasn’t the worm.  Not sure but how do we follow the instructions on the antibiotic she obtained when it says take two times a day.  What does that mean??  With today’s extra precautions on not only writing prescriptions so they are not misread, but also on providing different shaped bottles to help prevent taking the improper medication, you would think this wouldn’t happen.   However it does and they still keep saying twice a day or three times a day, etc. on prescriptions. 

TO be clear, Simply remember, if your prescription reads to take:
  • Two times a day, then this means take it every 12 hours.
  • Three times a day, then this means take it every 8 hours. 

Just divide how many times you were told to take it in a day into 24 hours. Remembering this will certainly prevent errors in improper dosing times.

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