Santa has his naughty and nice list. Are you treating your feet naughty or nice this season? (Which list are you keeping your feet on?)

Yes, Tis the season! He is watching.  If you’re being naughty to your feet it may slow you down.  It may even cause you to feel pain not just in your feet but it may run all the way up to your back.  Pain and possible injury or overuse can occur, so either way, if you play naughty you’ll pay.
This season, most of us will wear a pair of shoes that will vary from casual to dress to athletic and even others.  Some may be OK for you while others may not.
Typically, the change of season(s) will bring changes in shoe gear, for indoors and out, all in the same day.  It is at this time of year for you to pay particular attention that All of your shoes no matter what type and have the ideal support and accommodation available.  A sure way to obtain this and prevent pain and injury is to stop into ArchMasters. Let us help you obtain the maximum “Build-up and Support” you can have from prefabricated padding inserts to custom Rx foot orthoses.  With these inserts, most any shoe or boot can be comfortable.
Failure to obtain the maximum function and support may lead to other serious problems as well.  So stop by and see ArchMasters -Orthotics, Shoes &Foot care LLC in Brentwood,TN  The experts can help you stay away from pain this season and keep you as active as the season demands.
ArchMasters , Nashville’s only shoe store with a Doc in every shoebox.
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