Born To Farm Barefoot- Chickens, Veggies and More!

The Barefoot Farmer is alive and lives in Tennessee.

He recently received increased publicity not for his farming barefoot in the mud and soil, but because he is moving his farm down the road.  His farm property, where he apparently raises whole organic vegetables, etc. and even chickens are on the side of a hill.  But up the hill, a corporate chicken farmer is setting up business.  The barefoot farmer is moving as he claims his farm and chickens will not be free of the polluting chemicals that will come down hill to his produce.  His organic produce farm and his TV show will move, but apparently not too far away.  Fortunately I’ll still be able to watch his barefoot farming shows and still cringe at his barefoot techniques.  Yes, I do keep watching as it is enjoyable to learn his farming techniques – not his footwork!

I do wonder though, during the Holiday Season, wouldn’t working barefoot get kind of rough?  Tennessee, although usually not as cold as northern Midwest states, can get cold at night.  Last I heard, chickens wake up early so it must be cold early in the morning on your bare feet.

Actually, I don’t know if this farmer farms these chickens barefoot, but every time I see him on TV on his barefoot farming show, he’s feet are naked, completely, even digging holes in the mud and planting bushes, you name it, move dirt, all in (or with!) his bare feet.

Although dirt may give a massaging feel to the feet, I cringe when I think of my parasitology, microbiology and infectious disease classes.  Not to mention traumatology.  I wonder how many will follow his idea…doing what barefoot?

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