Is Your Sugar-Filled Christmas Stocking Giving You Diabesity?

Happy Holidays!

There’s a new word that many Americans will be learning of in the New Year.  It’s called diabesity.  You may be one that has it as one out of two Americans do.   Diabesity is a medical condition that leads to many other medical complications including weight gain, obesity, hypertension and more.  It is caused by the cells in your body becoming resistant to Insulin.  Insulin is needed to transport sugar from your blood into your cells.  When cells become resistant to insulin effects, the insulin levels increase in your blood, as sugar does too.  Research now shows that high insulin levels in our blood, not high sugar, are the root cause of the many medical conditions that occur from diabesity. 

A contributing cause of diabesity is a high intake of “Filler” foods.  Research now indicates that many of the industrial foods that we eat are filled with fillers to keep you hungry.  Fillers along with increased amounts of sugar and sodium we consume are even more problematic.  It begins in American children too!   Research now shows that increased sugar and sodium is found in babies’ apple sauce and baby food!

This season, I’m worried about Santa. With Mrs. Clause keeping his potbelly plumped up and all the Christmas cookies we feed him on Christmas Eve, could he have diabesity?    

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