Prevent Foot Pain, Infection, and Injury with Your Winter Shoe Wear

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The switch to winter shoe wear can be a dramatic shift in not only the function of your feet but also the reaction your feet have to the new enclosed environment.
When choosing winter fashion,be sure to receive a professional fit and most importantly, pay particular attention to the following:
Now that your feet will be enclosed, it is best to be sure the shape of the shoe viewed from the bottom of the sole and also the top matches the shape of your feet!  For example, if your feet curve concave, be sure the shape of the sole is concave as well, don’t use a “Straight Last” shoe, but rather use one with a curved last. (Side note: A “shoe last” is the form on which the shoe is constructed. It may be straight, semi-curved, or curved.)
The shape of the “Toe Box” area is important as well.  Pay attention to the shape, height, width, depth and edges of the toe box area.  Not doing so can lead to your toes or other areas of skin to rub.  This can lead to athlete’s feet or foot fungus. You may also develop painful corns, which in some cases may lead to significant pain and even abscesses or ulcerations.  This is especially true if you have bunions or hammertoes. 
Upper Material Selection
Materials are widely variable in shoes.  Aside from choosing the type to fit the season, you should also look for material that is conducive to your foot and can “breath.”  Be sure to waterproof as needed.
 If your shoe or boot is going to be snug, try to choose a material that is adaptable to your foot, maybe even stretchy.  
A well-designed and structured shoe or boot should have support from the sole by having a rigid shank.  That is, the sole should only bend at the ball of the foot when you try to push the toe area up.  Be sure it also has support on the inside.  A flat insole is inviting pain and an overuse injury.
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