Swelling with Joyful Cheers this Holiday? Just Keep It Out of Your Feet!

Rich Holiday Treats

The Holiday Season will bring not only bring good eats but also foot, ankle and leg swelling.  If you’re pregnant like Princess Kate, you may experience systemic or even a postural reasons for swelling or edema. However, eating certain foods or weight gain along with the excessive lounging around this season will cause some to suffer with swollen legs and feet. You can significantly help yourself by obtaining and wearing graduated compression socks during your most vulnerable times.

Graduated compression socks can be very effective in preventing and minimizing the edema. They may even help prevent pain.  Not all compression wear needs to be ugly, uncomfortable or up to your waist anymore. Yes, socks can help you, provided you are not suffering from a condition that requires full-length hose that go from your waist to your toes.  They are now available in a variety of colors, shapes, thicknesses and styles.  There are even choices on the height of the sock. 
Don’t let pain and swelling slow your Joy, now or throughout the New Year.
Call or stop into ArchMasters-Orthotics, Shoes & Footcare LLC today to help you celebrate the Season with Joy!
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