Achieve All Your Resolutions with These Simple Foot Inspection Tips

Many resolutions involve some sort of physical activity. Most of the time they end in failure because of pain. Don’t let this become your excuse!

Just like an automobile accelerates, decelerates, stops and goes, the human body does the same. We are somewhat like a moving human robot. All of our parts need to be in equal alignment and balance to function without causing damage. If our parts aren’t working correctly it typically leads to pain and more excuses.

The human body, especially the feet, need to be inspected. There are telltale signs that can be identified to help prevent damage, injury and pain. Check your feet for these 3 signs:

  1. Look for calluses on the big toe either in the middle, by the joint or on the ball of your foot. This can be evidence of your joints jamming up when they should be smoothly gliding. It leads to pain not only in the feet but all the way up to your back.
  2. If you find calluses on the balls of your feet, especially the second toe joint (the base of the second toe) this means a problem is occurring not only with that joint but also on your big toe joint.
  3. Swelling around the ankles, midfoot or even forefoot, especially if unilateral (on one foot) is not normal and may be evidence of joints jamming together when you stand, walk or run.

Misalignments of the feet, just like an automobile, can lead to significant damage and may not even cause pain. Avoid the excuses! Stop into ArchMasters; Nashville’s only shoe store with a DOC in every box.

photo credit: just.Luc via photopin cc