Are Your Feet Causing Back Pain?

Consumer Reports recently ranked chiropractic the number one treatment for back pain. Alignment of our boney structures is important to prevent pain and keep function maximized. But why do our bones get out of alignment in the first place?

Throughout the day a lot of us may endure an unhealthy posture position from time to time, but simple walking can be the cause too. Normal walking can also cause back pain. Misaligned feet result in abnormal twisting, stress and strain on various parts of not only your feet but also the muscles, ligaments, joints and bones all the way up to your back. Remember the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone song? It is true, one area affects another.

Make sure your back pain is not caused from your feet. Call or stop into ArchMasters for your complimentary biomechanical exam and gait analysis to help you determine if your feet are causing your chronic back pain.

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photo credit: Seite-3 via photopin cc