High Crime Areas, Higher Incidence of Diabetic Risk?

A story reported in the Tennessean newspaper on January 20th, 2012 indicated that the high crime areas of Nashville typically had an increased incidence of people suffering with diabetes. It seems to be due to their inability to obtain access to healthy foods but also, for safety reasons, not be able to get the exercise they need to prevent or help control their diabetes.

High crime area residents are not getting the simple walking exercises they need. This could be because they are afraid to leave their homes to walk or run in their neighborhood. By not going out and stretching their legs, this leads to more inactivity and increased weight gain along with higher sugar levels.

Physicians need to be aware of a diabetic’s ability or inability to exercise , especially if it is due to safety reasons. Some helpful counseling on alternatives may be in order such as drinking water before eating to aid digestion or getting up from the table and walking around the house after eating to exercise.  Any motion is better than eating and plopping yourself on your La-Z-Boy chair or couch.

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photo credit: Earthworm via photopin cc