Teenage Obesity

Obesity in children is becoming an epidemic just like diabetes.  There are many causes.  However, some preventable research indicates that one of the causes is foot problems.  Foot pain in children leads to inactivity thus, weight gain.

Many children do not want to admit their feet hurt, especially in front of their peers and even their parents.  Parents and some pediatricians will say it is only “growing pains.”  In most cases, growing pains are not the problem. When told this, children may simply try to avoid any activity that would cause them pain.  They may abstain from activity with the excuse that they just are not interested in it.  In actuality, they may be very interested but they know they cannot participate because of their foot or ankle pain.

One clue to determine if your child’s pain is from “growing” is to determine if the pain occurs after activity or just at night.  “Growing pains” do not happen during or after activity.

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photo credit: onigiri-kun via photopin cc