Why Do My Feet Hurt? I Bought Good, Expensive Shoes!

“Good” or “expensive” shoes may sometimes be the simple solution, but without ideal fit you may be wasting your money and causing your feet more pain. Furthermore, these types of shoes are typically flat somewhere inside of them. Some manufacturers may claim there is a “arch support” or even a “heel cup” built in. This is typically a good thing, but in most cases it doesn’t provide the necessary support, assistance of function and direction of motion control of all five of the arches, thus your pain continues.

In today’s tough economic times, many shoe stores are searching for increased revenue tools. These are typically pre-made insoles that are claimed to be “orthotics” or even “custom inserts.” Be wary of such claims. Research shows there are over one hundred different types of feet, so if only one pre-made orthotic is offered, chances are it’s not the one you need.

In order to aid in the elimination of pain, a marriage of a shoe and insert or orthotic must happen. Together with an ideal fit, pain will most likely subside. This provides maximum function support, thus comfort, and is your best bet to walk away from pain fast.

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photo credit: notarim via photopin cc