“Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis” – Really?


The comfort shoe industry is growing. This is due to, for a large part, the insertion of pre-molded foot beds incorporated into the shoe. The shoes not only come with room for your feet but now also conform to the bottoms of your feet with these foot beds or “Arch Supports”.

For a significant time, they have been marketed as “Comfort Shoes”. However, lately I have seen them now attempting to be marketed for specific pathological foot conditions. This is dangerous territory they are treading, if not misleading. For example, one major corporation advertising claims on their natural shoes has been ordered to stop these claims as there is no proof of such claims.

Can a shoe really cure foot pathology such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or heel spurs? In some cases, yes. But to advertise that same shoe for every type of foot, in my opinion is misleading. Why? Because some studies indicate there are 124 different categories or types of feet. These are based on the foot structure, alignment and compensation they undergo during gait.   Each type of category does have its unique common symptoms or pain or pathology associated with them.  But for a shoe company to claim their shoe is specific to a pathology is unpractical to uphold as the shoe is designed and constructed into one shape, yet the pathology is from a variety of foot shapes. That is, they may be able to make a shoe that would appropriately fit and control one foot type but not all the types that contribute to that specific pathology.

When someone is looking for a specific shoe or insert/arch support to cure their specific pathology, the most appropriated question to ask is:  what type of foot do I have so I can then look for the features I need in a shoe or arch support. To do otherwise, in my opinion, is a roll of the dice.

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