Get Your Game Back Faster With Jones Fracture Orthotics


Jones Fracture OrthoticsKevin Durant is currently suffering with surgical repair of a Jones fracture. This is not great news for him, as if you had a choice in 5th metatarsal fractures, this would be the worst to have. This is because it is an area of bone with decreased blood flow. It typically needs surgical repair.

Fractures of the 5th metatarsal typically can be at the base or just beyond the base, like a Jones fracture or at the shaft of the bone (the tubular part of bone). Surgical repair may be needed for any of them, especially the Jones Fracture.

Fractures of the base and the Jones fracture can be problematic, even after healing. There are variable theories why, but experienced foot specialists most certainly have experienced patients with lingering problems of pain after activity post injury healing.

There is a foot orthotic that can help not only with healing, returning the athlete back to action faster, but also help to prevent typical post injury lingering problem. It is not well known but it’s called a Jones Fracture Orthotic. It is designed to immobilize the fractured area with the same principles utilized with a cast or CAM boot application. That is, a cast will immobilize or limit movement on the joint both proximal (before) and distal (beyond) to the fracture. The Jones Fracture Orthotic along with the appropriate sport shoe will do this same immobilization. Even more so, ArchMasters’ TC3-DR (total contact 3 dimensional realignment) foot orthotic can have this Jones Fracture Orthotic incorporated within to provide the needed immobilization plus providing maximum protection, support and function. Later, the fracture protective portion can easily be removed for long term functional orthotic use.

So if you’re a weekend warrior or one of the many professional athletes suffering with these debilitating injuries, the Jones Fracture Orthotic or its incorporation into an appropriate functional orthotic most certainly can help you get your game on faster.

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