My Feet Hurt – Nashville, TN


poorly fit footwearWhether you’re a tourist – typically walking double the amount you are used to, a local resident or a marathon walker/runner, ArchMasters –Orthotics, Shoes & Footcare in Brentwood (across the street from Nashville’s Davidson county line) can help. You may even save a lot of money, too. We not only have supportive shoes and sandals to help you have a more comfortable walk but we also carry cost effective orthopedic supplies. We are “The Only Shoe Store With A Doc In Every Shoe Box!” This means you can receive a complimentary consultative exam with a foot specialist and all with no purchase necessary.

Are you a Tourist just visiting? You’re probably walking more than you are used to. This may cause you to experience pain from your feet to your back. Other than simple overuse, this typically is from improper alignment of your feet and legs from unsupportive, poorly fit footwear. Common conditions may be Achilles tendonitis, heel and arch pain, metatarsalgia (pain at the ball of your foot) or more significantly a stress fracture. You can save money by consulting with our staff podiatrist, Dr. David J. Sables who provides a complimentary consultative exam. He can help you obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Many times, the pain can be resolved with the many options available at ArchMasters. You may also receive suggestions for ideal footwear, braces and even home (hotel room) physical therapy. If the condition is severe, such as a stress fracture, this can be diagnosed as well, even without an x-ray (as the fracture cannot be seen until about 2 weeks after the injury, when the bone actually starts healing). As a multi board certified podiatrist, Dr. Sables can help you determine the severity of the condition as well as the urgency of treatment needed.

Whether you are a local resident, marathon walker/runner or live far away, the same complimentary consultative exam is available for you too. Many clients/patients, seeking our services have driven from Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and in Tennessee as far east as Cleveland, Piney Flats, Bristol and as far west as Memphis, TN  to obtain help from ArchMasters.