Speed Your Recovery Post “K” Run/Walk With These Shoe Features


footwear for quick recoveryWeather you’ve participated in the St. Jude Country Music Marathon, Susan G. Coleman Race for the Cure  or the plethora of “K” walks/runs around, choosing the optimal foot wear afterwards may be the difference to a speedy or slow recovery.

Why is the footwear afterwards important? Because typically, you’ve put your body and feet through a test of endurance. Your feet, including the soft tissue- skin, muscle, ligaments and bones underwent long term repetitive compression, tension and shearing forces. This can lead to inflammation, the early stage of healing, also pain if it undergoes too much inflammation.

To minimize this inflammation and pain, one typically chooses a “Soft” shoe such as a sandal, flip flop or “Tennis” shoe.  While the softness may feel comfortable at first aiding in a more even distribution of blood flow for healing, it is not the only feature to look for. More so, if it is simply a “Flat, Soft” foot bed, it is not really the best choice for fast “Relief” or “Recovery.”

So choosing a soft foot bed is a good start but additional features are needed. It is important that the foot wear have some motion control via a deep heel cup shape and also some “Support” for your arches as well. This is because, during that extreme activity, you have been placing your joints through many repetitive ranges of motions. Especially if this motion is excessive, it typically places tension on not only the tendons, but also the ligaments themselves. It also, in some cases compresses your joints excessively leading to pain.

Without the motion control and support, such as a flat foot bed of the recovery gear, you are not relieving the tension and compression of the ligaments and joints, in some cases, even the tendons as well.

As most of us pronate and supinate, typically, these motions can be excessive one way or another.  Along with the excessive mileage, that excess motion places excess pulling (tension) on tendons, ligaments and compression on the joints and bones. All of which lead to an increased inflammatory response or PAIN.

So for the most helpful recovery footwear, choose one with a soft foot bed, sole yet, with a deep heel cup and arches within that support all 5 of your arches.

If in doubt, stop into ArchMasters for a complimentary consultation with one of our pedorthists or with Dr. Sables to help you choose the ideal recovery foot wear not only with the above features but also that is more specific for your foot type.