How Foot Orthotics Help with Back Pain


Back pain

Back pain is notoriously treated thru multiple different specialties, multiple theories of treatment and modality applications. Some have success, some do not. Whether thru chiropractic, orthopedic, physical therapy, neurologist, massage, etc., one aggravating etiology often ignored is abnormal foot motion.

We have successfully helped those suffering with pain in the back in absence of any other bodily pains. This is found thru tell-tale signs of foot imbalances (unfortunately, often ignored by other professionals) as well as thru an exam and gait analysis.

Typically, upon performing the exam and gait analysis, I often pick up abnormal foot function. This affects the back thru the kinetic chain. That is, remember the song the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, to the leg bone, to the hip bone, to the back bone, etc.?  Well, it is true. With normal foot function, the leg internally and externally twists (or rotates internally and then externally). However, with faulty foot alignment, the leg can twist too much one way or another and even twist when it should not. The latter seems to be the case with back pain.  If the leg is forced to twist one way, against the twist of the femur or thigh bone, there will be a jolting affect upon the muscles from the back to the thigh bone. Often, this will result in muscle tightness, spasm or even malalignment of the spinal bones- both typically resulting in Pain!

Once the foot is realigned with our TC3-DR technology foot orthotics, the leg bone will twist appropriately with the thigh bone, eliminating abnormal stress and strain on the muscles, hip and spine.

Why not just go “Gellin” or use memory foam? Although softness and gel sometimes helps hip and back pain by reducing shocking stresses, if the original cause is foot malalignment, then one is not really getting at the cause of the problem. With malalignment of the foot, one is not obtaining the maximum shock absorption that the foot was designed to undertake. Think of a car, if you need your shocks replaced, would you just add softer tread to the tires of your car? The ride may be smoother but the real problem is you need new shock absorbers.

By attending to the aggravating cause of back pain, thru foot biomechanics, we have successfully helped those with back pain including patients that have had spinal fusions! It is not uncommon for us to hear patients say they no longer need to see their chiropractor so often.

So give us a call to see if you can walk away from back pain…Fast!