Magnetic Therapy for Moderate Yellow Jacket Sting Reaction of the Ankle/Foot


Magnetic TherapyMagnetic therapy has been proposed for many conditions not only of the foot and ankle but all areas of the body. From musculoskeletal dysfunction to a variety of body pains to improvement of body systems, etc. Although there are continued scientific studies occurring to determine the application, magnetic strength, etc., I would like to say that I would use it again if I ever encounter the miserable reactive symptoms of being attacked by yellow jacket wasps.

Recently, while mowing my lawn, I experienced an electrical shooting pain on both sides of my ankles.  Initially I thought I somehow was spraining my ankle with gait.   I couldn’t figure out how as I was just walking.  As I leaned down to investigate, while lifting the cuff of my pants, there were 3-4 yellow jackets flying around and two where attached to my sock.   I quickly tried, unsuccessfully to “Shoe” them away.  I ended up crushing them one by one with my fingers (and sweat rag I was carrying) and then ran.  I came back to the spot with wasp killer but couldn’t find any.  Oh well, that was weird!  After returning to mowing, the return run, I looked down and saw a large hole in the ground with what seemed like a hundred of these little terrorists.  Shocked, I quickly ran swinging my rag at the ones chasing me.  One landed on my eyebrow- electrical sting again.  Crushed him and ran indoors where one chased me (into the house, how dare him!).

I investigated both my ankle and eye as both areas where becoming more and more painful.  I quickly iced them.  I cleansed the areas but to no avail, pain and swelling was worsening.  My wife helped and we were able to get the stingers out as best we could.   As I get long term welts with spider bites, the same was happening.  I ended up with a “Moderate Reaction” to the multiple yellow jacket stings of my ankle and the one of my eyebrow.   Eventually, the course ran thru but significant swelling, redness and heat about my eye and cheek like I had fought Sugar Ray Leonard.  The ankle was the same but also with swelling, discoloration, redness and heat of the foot, all around the sides and top.  With the moderate reaction, this is said to last for anywhere from 3-7 days.

The pain eventually subsided but the itch and swell and heat discomfort was very irritating.  As I was doing all that can be done, I decided to try magnetic therapy for the chronic swelling and itching.   I wore a magnetic necklace that I had once used for stiff muscle pain of my neck.  Within hours my eye was improving.  By the end of the day it was barely noticeable.  That night I wore the magnetic necklace, double wrapped, around my ankle making sure it wasn’t tight just in case the swelling worsened.  By the next morning, the ankle and foot were significantly improved along with no itching during the night, as it had prior.  I did not take any Benadryl or anti-inflammatory that day.

Again, I know this is not a flawless scientific test, but I most definitely will use magnetic treatment again if I ever undergo such a miserably painful, itchy insect terrorists attack ever again.