Children’s Feet – “Growing Pains”, Oh Really?


Growing PainsChildren can suffer with many types of foot pain. Some pains are predicted to occur at certain ages. Some are serious, some not so serous. Fortunately, the latter is most common.

Either way, the pain is many times attributed to “Growing Pains”, even by doctors! Most foot specialists, especially those that concentrate their practice on biomechanics know that these so called “Growing Pains” arise not due to growth or overuse but rather faulty mechanics/body alignment. Most cases the mal-alignment starts at the feet, the foundation.

Unfortunately some children are told to ignore it; others may be subject to blanket formula treatment regimens such as softer soled shoes or soft heel cups. Although that might help, the prime cause, faulty mechanics is not addressed. Long term, they may suffer with other foot ailments as an adult.  Physical therapy is usually helpful, although it can take a long time and many sessions. As a busy parent this can add stress to the busy schedule one already has.

Most importantly, the foot biomechanics affecting the condition, the primary cause should always be addressed.

Take for example, Severs Disease (Calcaneal Apophysitis}, a painful heel condition. This may sometimes cause a child to not be able to finish playing a sport due to crying half way thru the game. Many times this growth plate fault is predicted to occur at certain ages yet it is usually due to abnormal pull on the growth plate by the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon. Simply reducing the tension of both those soft tissue structures with a special foot taping and/or functional foot orthoses can alleviate pain, sometimes instantly.

If your child suffers foot pain, especially if the parents have a history of foot problems themselves, get to the root of the problem. Treat not only the pain but the mechanics. The latter typically will alleviate the pain much faster.