Size Does Matter When Massaging Your Foot


You may have heard or read that if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, foot strain or arch pain to massage your feet.  Some say do this with a tennis ball, coke bottle, golf ball or some of the many foot massaging gizmos you see on the internet.

I strongly believe the smaller size, golf ball size is best. Why, because it can penetrate deep into the curvatures of the foot not only under the arch but the concavity of space under the heel bone and metatarsal heads (ball of foot).

The dimples of the golf ball are nice for massage but even better are the nubs on the Foot Rubz.  These protruding nubs act like a taponet massage, moving fluid, circulatory fluid around –which is what you want.

So size does matter, for better results, use a golf ball sized massager and one preferably with “Nubs.”