Flip Flops Are Not Safe. Ours Are!


Are all flip flops bad for your feet?  No, not all of them.  No matter how many times foot specialists or your mother says not to wear them, you know you’re going to wear them.  We know that, so at ArchMasters we provide what we believe are going to provide you with the optimal support, function and comfort.  Like feet and foot orthotics, flip flops are not the same.

So what do you want to look for in a flip flop?  A deep heel cup is the first place to start followed by a reasonable arch along the inside of the foot.  Other features that can be tremendously helpful, but only to certain foot types are the lateral (outside) arch support and 1st ray technology (big toe flex [email protected] archmasters.  The latter typically consists of  softer material under the big toe joint whcih can enhance the function of the big toe joint.  This can help relieve plantar fasciitis and low back pain in some patients.

Utilizing the above features in the footbeds can assist the support and functions of all your arches.

What does that mean? COMFORT and COOL and Yes Mama, I’m wearing flip flops-at ArchMasters!

Vionic footwear merges unparalleled supportive technologies with a versatile, modern design fit for every occasion.


  • Perfect Balance – Firm yet flexible midsole.
  • Addictive Support – Innovative biomechanical footbed.
  • Essential Stability – Deep heel cup.

Vionic flip flops support re – alignment from the ground up.  At ArchMasters we professionally fit each pair of sandals assuring comfortable support & style that you can wear all day and all summer long.

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