What Causes Foot Odor and Stinky Shoes?

Bromhidrosis, also known as foot odor, occurs when bacterial and fungal growth are present on the skin. The growth spreads throughout the socks and begins to multiply inside the shoes causing your shoes to stink.

People who suffer from hyperhidrosis (increased sweating) are more likely to suffer from foot odor. This can be a genetic predisposition or can be caused by poorly ventilated socks and/or shoes.

Did you know? Each foot can produce more than a pint of sweat in a single day!  Ugh!

What can you do to stop foot odor?

Shoes and socks made from synthetic materials are more likely to make your feet perspire. Minimize the amount of sweat by wearing well ventilated shoes and moisture wicking socks.

ArchMasters carries many products to help with stinky feet!

For optimal results, we recommend combining the following products:

Swiftwick Socks

“Moisture Management-materials and construction that effectively wick away moisture without the use of chemicals for the ultimate dry fit.”



On Your Toes

This product can stop foot odor for up to 6 months! The best part? You only need to use it 3 days in a row! The powder like substance works by killing the bacteria on your feet, thus, eliminating foot odor.

Dr. Sables also recommends it for sweaty feet (hyperhidrosis) as it minimizes the production of sweat as well!



Bako Clarus Antimicrobial Shoe Spray

Shoe odor will not disappear on its own. Shoes must also be treated to kill the odor causing microbes. We have found this spray to be safe and highly effective in eliminating shoe odor.

Bako products are professional strength and typically work better than an over the counter product. As a result, Bako products are only available to physicians but now available to you through ArchMasters!