Painful Plantar Foot Fibroma?

A plantar fibroma is a fibrous growth usually on the main inside arch of your foot. The cause cannot always be determined. However, people who suffer from systemic conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy and alcoholism may see an increased occurrence. Repetitive trauma to the plantar fascia can also cause the growth. Typically, they will not go away on their own.  Most cases probably are caused from excessive tension on the plantar fascia.  This causes microtears that heal up with scaring tissue or fibromas.

How do you treat a fibroma?

Fibromas are often asymptomatic but can become very painful.  A conservative, non-surgical approach should always (and I rarely us this word) be the first step. This can be accomplished by reducing the tension of the plantar fascia and off loading the fibroma on the bottom of the foot with custom molded functional prescription foot orthotics.

Below is a picture of a custom molded functional foot orthotic designed to reduce fascial tension as well as off load the fibroma.


With this care as well as some home physical therapy, many times, in our experience, conservative care can subdue the pain eliminating the need for surgery.

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