Plantar Fasciitis at Home Remedy for Quick Relief!

Do your feet hurt when you first stand in the morning??

Try this Plantar Fasciitis Home Remedy! 80% of our patients say this saves them in the mornings when done right before bed!

Contrast Bath Soak:

                       Purposes: To reduce deep inflammation (swelling)

                                              To reduce pain

                                             Stimulates circulation for healing of sore areas

Instructions: At bedtime, fill two buckets with water, one warm (about 104 degrees, jacuzzi hot tub temp.) and the other as cold as possible (about 45 degrees, add ice cubes if needed). Be sure to have them full enough to cover your ankle. Put your foot in the warm bath for three minutes, and then switch to the cold one for one minute. Repeat this cycle three times, ending with the cold, then elevate foot for five minutes.

* Adding a cup of Epson salt to the hot water is more helpful as well.

Contrast Bath


How it works: Soaking in hot water first opens up the blood vessels and brings in fresh blood, then the cold water constricts the blood vessels and muscles thus squeezing out inflammation (similar to wringing out a washcloth). The final cold soak constricts blood vessels so that the foot won’t swell up as much during the night.