How Making the Bed Can Contribute to Itchy Feet

How making the bed can be contributing to Athletes Feet, Itchy Feet and More.

Athletes foot is an infection of the skin by fungus. Bacteria and Fungus like a warm dark moist area to thrive.  When we sleep, we can perspire (sweat, as some may deny that ever happens to them).  Our bedding obviously becomes wet.  It may be unnoticeable but it may be enough for microorganisms to thrive.

If athletes foot is contracted, which can cause itchy feet, then it is being planted into the sheets as the skin sluffs off.  (Our skin turns over about every twenty two days on our feet.  As it turns over, it is like a snake scaling its skin-Yuck).

Therefore, when you go to make the bed in the morning-as your mother/father taught you, you are preserving the moisture for those organisms (critters some say) to thrive.  That is, making the bed in the morning is preventing the sheets from thoroughly drying out thru the day.  This can lead to increased production of these critters (they grow like weeds). It will also give off that notorious “sweaty” smell.

So what can be done to prevent fungus and smelly sweat but still have the care tendered décor of the bedroom?

When you get up, throw the blankets and sheets over the foot of the bed laying them flat and open to the air as if you’re making another bed. The blanket may be off the bed. The sheet will then be on top of the blanket. The side that was facing down while you were sleeping should now be faced up.  This will allow the sheets (bottom and top) to dry and air out preventing fungus and bacteria growth.  After some hours of airing and drying out you can then “Make the Bed” the way you were taught (or I hope you were).

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p.s.s. So now you can “Sleep tight, have your guardian angel protect you and sweet dreams.” -Grandma Sables


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