Why Do Comfort Shoes Typically Cost More Than Your Average Shoe?

Obviously, we all want a shoe that is comfortable. Certain shoes are labeled as comfort shoes because they are designed to address problematic feet or skeletal alignment issues. These shoes typically have advanced features built within compared to your average shoe. Therefore, the additional features built into the shoe increases the cost.  Other additional costs are usually incurred because the shoes are typically built with higher quality materials and construction within the shoe itself.

Some features that make a “comfort shoe”:

  • The toe box in a comfort shoe will typically be taller and wider instead of sharply pointed. This helps to prevent the toes from pinching or being crammed.
  • The sole material is typically of a higher-grade material that will last longer. In addition to the sole material itself, how it is attached is important as well. Often, a comfort shoe will have a stitched attachment as well as being glued. Shoes that are simply glued can fall apart easier.
  • The counter of the shoe or the area that goes around your heel is usually designed to help stabilize your heel. It may or may not have what is called a cushion collar or padding around the heel bone.
  • The upper of the shoe can either have laced or velcro attachments. Both are typically designed to act like a strap to help secure the shoe to your foot. This indirectly assists motion control of the foot as well.
  • Lastly, the shoe will typically have a removable insole. It is helpful to have a removable insole to allow for modifications such as wedges or padding. It also gives the ability to add a pre-made shoe insert or custom orthotic to the shoe. Additionally, the removable insole will typically allow more depth which may be necessary for lifts or more padding if needed.

Basic Shoe Anatomy

So, when you look at all the features that can be built into a shoe, it is understandable that the costs are going to be higher. There are ways that some companies cut some of these costs, but it falls to the old saying, you get what you pay for.

When you think of increased cost for comfort shoes, remember there are additional features and qualities such as the grade of the leather that do raise the price of your average shoe. This will typically make you feel better as well as last you much longer.

A word of caution though, one must now be careful in purchasing what is considered a comfort shoe. Some companies may label it as a comfort shoe, but it really has minimal “Comfort Features.” Again, you get what you pay for.

Still skeptical on the cost? Consider not only how long the shoes last but how many shoes you have in your closet that you cannot wear or if you wear them they can only be worn for a very short period. If your answer is you have several pairs, then think of the money that is sitting there collecting dust. Finding the ideal fit, ideal featured comfort shoe for you can change your life.  Just ask Cinderella!