Achilles Tendonitis Walking Boot

Achilles Tendonitis is inflammation of the achilles tendon. Inflammation can occur at the heel or above the heel near the tendon itself.

Achilles Tendonitis Walking BootAchilles Tendonitis Walking Boot

Recent research has shown that, unless the injury is acute and significantly painful, immediately placing the achilles tendonitis patient in a cam or walking boot may not be the best initial treatment.

It has been shown that some tension or pull on the tendon is needed for healing. It also helps prevent the tendon from losing its load capability.

Tendons have been shown to have a load tolerance (the tension or pull capacity a tendon can undergo without damaging) that will decrease if the load is reduced with a boot (immobilization). It was found that a tendon has a relationship of load and capability or capacity of handling that load. When the load gradually increases over time, the capability of taking on that load without injury, increases. Therefore, if you reduce the load too much by wearing a walking boot, the capacity of handling that load goes down. This can cause the achilles tendon to reinjure itself when you start walking or running again. This is also why it may feel great in the boot but the pain returns when the boot is not worn.

We typically recommend weaning off the walking boot. This allows the tendon capacity to increase without injury.

Available at ArchMasters

Achilles Tendonitis Walking Boots are available at ArchMasters.

However, it is also important to address the cause of the injury. If the causes are not addressed, the probability to reoccur is still there. Our custom orthotics have helped many people stay out of a walking boot by reducing the tension on the achilles tendon.

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