Bako Footcare Products

David J. Sables D.P.M., C. Ped. explaining the benefits of Bako Pathology foot care products. Bako pathology foot care products available only to Physicians now available to you the public through ArchMasters!

Thera Nail- Vitamin supplement great for dry brittle nails.

Macer Rx- Fungus solution for between the toes.

Clarus Anti Fungal Cream- Great for athlete’s feet/athletes foot. Drying, Cracking, Broken Blisters, Itching, Fungus.

VeruStat- Great for warts! Great thing about this product is you just apply it to the wart. There is no need to cover it up.

Fungus Nails- Great for penetrating thick and distorted nails to help kill the fungus.

Kera-42 Cream- Helps revitalize dry, cracking skin.

These products of designed to heal and replenish skin and nails!