Birkenstock Repair

At ArchMasters, we not only provide brand-new Birkenstocks but we can re-sole, replace the footbed, and modify your own Birkenstocks with custom-made footbeds. Some limitations exist, so call for details.

“WOW! We drove from Alabama to bring them a pair of Birkenstocks to be resoled. They were beyond accommodating at the store and shipped them back to me. It has been approx 2 weeks since I dropped them off and I just received them in the mail. THEY ARE PERFECT! What a great job! They look and feel brand new. I am so impressed. Also, in my package was a handwritten note thanking me for my business. I will now not only drive over an hour to have my Birkenstocks fixed, I will also drive over an hour to buy my Birkenstocks directly from Archmasters. What an amazing small business. So happy to have found them.” – Patient Testimonial

Resole Includes:

  • Replacement of the ENTIRE sole
  • Includes cork seal as needed

Resole and Recork Includes:

  • A brand new footbed
  • A brand new sole
  • Some limitations exist with thong sandals and non leather straps. 

Unfortunately, we are are unable to repair buckles and straps as it sometimes requires specialty tools.

Tips for keeping your Birkenstocks looking new longer!

  • Avoid leaving Birkenstocks in hot places. The heat can deactivate the glue resulting in your Birkenstocks falling apart.
  • Re-Seal Birkenstocks every 3 to 4 months.
  • Re-Sole Birks before it wears down to the cork. This will help your footbed last longer!
  • Spray Footbed and Straps with a protector.

 Birkenstock Repair Kit has what you need to accomplish this!

Birkenstock Repair

Problem with wide, mismatched feet, etc. Do you need a custom footbed? We can fabricate a custom molded Birkenstock just for you!

If you’re not sure about your Birkenstocks, give us a call at (615) 370-3000!