Caring Foot Care ​- A Division Of ArchMasters

The services Dr. Sables provides at assisted living facilities are designed to operate with minimal interference and effort on normal daily staff operations while maximizing availability and standards of foot care. Dr. Sables will treat from one up to 15 patients per day. (In order to maximize quality of care, Dr. Sables does limit the number of patients seen to 15 per day). Your residents will benefit with convenient professional complimentary evaluations along with their care as well as be eligible for discounts on in store products, etc.

Further benefits to you include Dr. Sables dedication to be there for you with one phone call. Even if it is only for one patient. Dr. Sables is available 24/7 by phone for consultations and personally available within one week, usually 2 days depending on the urgency.

A comprehensive evaluation and foot care can help many patients live more comfortably. For more information and to set up a personal introduction, please feel free to contact us.

Assisted Living Facility FootcareIn Home, Residential, and House Calls Available!

Specializing In :​

  • Routine Foot Care
  • Pedorthic Foot Care

(Shoes & Inserts)

  • Consultative Exams and Recommendations
  • Specialized Foot Care Products

Dr. Sables also provides Routine Foot Care at ArchMasters!! 

  • The trimming (debridement) of corns, calluses, and nails.