Treat your Painful Neuroma with High Heels! What?


A female patient recently presented with a complaint of a painful neuroma in her foot.  She relates a history of multiple treatments from foot specialists including steroid injections and absolute alcohol (No not the Russian type).  She related metatarsal pads worsened it.  She complains she is unable to wear any shoe except a high heal […]

The Charismatic John J. Hooker Succumbs To Malignant Melanoma. Did It Start In His Feet?


Malignant Melanoma brought down John J. Hooker, J.D. of Nashville, Tennessee. We don’t know if it started in his feet but as you can see in the illustration, signs of this malignancy can first appear in the feet. If ignored, they can metastasize or spread to other areas of the body. Gastrointestinal/Colon cancer and Renal […]

Plantar Fasciitis Common Misconceptions


There are many misconceptions surrounding plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis, sometimes referred to as plantar fasciosis is a painful condition about the heel. The plantar fascia is a soft tissue structure that originates at the bottom of the heel and runs to the base of the toes. It is a thick fibrous or leather-like band running […]

Speed Your Recovery Post “K” Run/Walk With These Shoe Features


Weather you’ve participated in the St. Jude Country Music Marathon, Susan G. Coleman Race for the Cure  or the plethora of “K” walks/runs around, choosing the optimal foot wear afterwards may be the difference to a speedy or slow recovery. Why is the footwear afterwards important? Because typically, you’ve put your body and feet through […]

My Feet Hurt – Nashville, TN


Whether you’re a tourist – typically walking double the amount you are used to, a local resident or a marathon walker/runner, ArchMasters –Orthotics, Shoes & Footcare in Brentwood (across the street from Nashville’s Davidson county line) can help. You may even save a lot of money, too. We not only have supportive shoes and sandals […]

Prevent Foot Pain, Infection, and Injury with Your Winter Shoe Wear

Girl walking in snow (Photo credit: mkrigsman) The switch to winter shoe wear can be a dramatic shift in not only the function of your feet but also the reaction your feet have to the new enclosed environment. When choosing winter fashion,be sure to receive a professional fit and most importantly, pay particular attention to the […]

The Base of the Toe Next to My Big Toe is Killing Me!

Toe pain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Now that sandal and flip-flop season is winding down, I’ve seen an increased amount of patients complaining of this pain.  I believe it is due to the long-term use of sandals and flip-flops, especially those not adequately supporting the feet.   This lack of support caused the joints to not bend […]