How Often Should I Change My Running Shoes?

The simple answer is you should replace your running shoes every 250 to 500 miles or every six months.  But this is not always the case. There are many factors that affect the life span of any shoe. Other than the obvious reasons such as worn, torn uppers and soles, one must consider other factors […]

Bonnaroo Shoes – Safe Footwear For Festivals


BONNAROO SHOES! It’s that time of year again! June 9 – June 12, 2016.  People of all ages and many places will attend the annual 4 day Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival held on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, TN. As with festivals, especially music festivals where there is camping along with music concerts, […]

Can I Play Sports After Infected Ingrown Nail Treatment?


Recently, I was watching the Tennessee Titans play on TV when the announcer related that football player; Chance Warmack was playing just days out of having both big toenails removed. “Ouch” they said.  I knew better… not necessarily. With some investigation thru some media outlets, it is said he had removal of the sides of […]

Plantar Fasciitis Common Misconceptions


There are many misconceptions surrounding plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis, sometimes referred to as plantar fasciosis is a painful condition about the heel. The plantar fascia is a soft tissue structure that originates at the bottom of the heel and runs to the base of the toes. It is a thick fibrous or leather-like band running […]

Iroquois Racers Need Foot Orthotics Too! (and those serious about horseback riding)


Previously, I’ve written on how and why horses wear orthotics. But did you know why it is important for their riders to do the same? Riding horses, whether for fun, jumping, racing, shooting, etc. requires accurate foot positioning and foot responses to obtain maximum balance, stability and even improved performance. With riding, when the foot […]

Signs of Foot Problems A Pedicurist Should Tell You About ~ Part 2

Podiatrist examining hallux (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In our last blog we listed the first three signs of foot problems a pedicurist should tell you about. Here are an additional four signs to watch for: 4. Black nails. If you have a nail that is black, have a professional check for possible malignant melanoma. It has been […]

Signs of Foot Problems A Pedicurist Should Tell You About ~ Part 1

Toe Nail Fungus  (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Many times I hear people say they don’t have any foot problems.  Yet, they have large callouses.  They say it is not a problem as they “just go to a pedicurist” every month to shave it off. As mentioned in a previous blog, a callous is an indicator that […]

Do you have dry, cracking skin from psoriasis? RevitaDerm 40 may help!

RevitaDerm 40 contains aloe vera and several other healing elements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) If you suffer from dry, cracking, possibly thickened skin it’s important to keep it moist.  If you don’t, the skin can become so dry cracks may expose the dermis or deeper skin tissue – and that hurts.  The dermis is the layer […]